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London and Paris, capitals of the foreign language transnational press (19th-20th Centuries)

One-day symposium, University of Surrey, Friday 22 March 2019

le 22 mars 2019

One-day symposium, University of Surrey, Friday 22 March 2019


Located at the intersection of several dynamic historiographic areas – press history and transnational history, as well as the history of cultural transfers and exchanges – the study of foreign-language periodicals produced and consumed transnationally remains largely unexplored. This symposium will attempt the very first comparison between Paris and London, two of the most important European and global publishing capitals, where foreign-language publications have thrived. The day will be structured in cross-perspective interventions discussing German-, Italian- and Spanish-language organs in both countries, French publications in England as well as English ones in France. It will adopt a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together specialists from a range of areas, such as press history, the political history of exile and the cultural history of immigration.


Michel Rapoport (CHCSC/UVSQ, France)
Colette Colligan (University Simon Fraser, Vancouver)
BénédicteDeschamps (Université Paris VII)
Andrea Del Corno (London Library)
Victor Pereira (Université de Pau, France)
Daniel Mandur Thomaz (University of Oxford)
Daniel Laqua (Northumbria University)
Camille Creyghton (University of Amsterdam)
And Laurel Brake (Birkbeck, University of London)

Venue : Treetops, Wates House
University of Surrey

Tickets £20 to include lunch (concessions available) : books here


9-9.30 : Introduction

Constance Bantman (University of Surrey) and Diana Cooper-Richet (UVSQ, France)

9.30 –12.30 : Session 1. Britain, France and Italy.

Chair: StéphaniePrévost, Paris VII University

9. 30-10 : Michel Rapoport(CHCSC/UVSQ, France), ‘La presse allophone de langue française dans le Royaume-Uni de 1848 à 1914’
10-10.30 : Colette Colligan(University Simon Fraser, Vancouver, Canada), The English-language press in fin-de-siècle Paris.
10.30-11 : Discussion and Coffee Break
11-11.30 : BénédicteDeschamps(UniversitéParis VII), The press in Italian in France, 19th century.
11.30-12.00 : Andrea Del Corno(London Library), Press in Exile: Mazzini's Journalism and his Intellectual Legacy (1840-1859).
12-12.30 : Questions and discussion

12.30-13.30 : Lunch

13.30-16.30 : Germany and the Lusophone world

Chair: Dawn Marley, University of Surrey

13.30-14 : Victor Pereira (Universitéde Pau, France), The Portuguese Press in France (20th century).
14.00 -14.30 : Daniel MandurThomaz(University of Oxford), ‘Transatlantic networks: Brazilian intellectuals and war correspondents in the BBC Latin American Service during WW2’.
14.30-15.00 : Daniel Laqua(Northumbria University), ‘‘A connecting link between the working-class movements of both sides of the North Sea’? The German socialist press in London, 1886-1909’.
15.00 –15.30 : Camille Creyghton(University of Amsterdam),The German exile press in Paris, 1830-1848.
15.30-16.30 : Discussion and Coffee break
16.30-17 : Concluding remarks by Laurel Brake, Professor Emerita of Literature and Print Culture, Birkbeck, University of London, ‘Media History: Re-defining ‘the press’’.
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