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British Parisians and London French: Living, Loving, and Lingering in the Neighbour's City

Séminaire et table ronde organisés avec le soutien de l'Université de Versailles Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines, University of Westminster, University of Birmingham et la University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture


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A seminar and public event that considers the who, when, why and how the British make their home in Paris and the French become Londoners, historically and today. For centuries, and in significant numbers in contemporary Paris and London, the British and the French have crossed the Channel for short, long and indefinite stays in their neighbouring capital cities. These Parisian British and London French citizens occupy a very particular place in the wider native and migrant compositions of the Paris and London metropolises. This afternoon seminar and early evening public event consider the diverse experiences of the British and the French who made, and continue to make, that crossing to the other’s city. It examines aspects of when, why and how they make their lives there, and what happens when they do. These British Parisian and London French lives incarnate the symbiosis between London and Paris which endures and which transcends the political weather. Speakers and participants are drawn from a range of specialists on Franco-British cultural relations, and from those currently engaged in making a life and a home in the neighbour’s city.

Organised by Debra Kelly and Diana Cooper-Richet.

[Séminaire suivi d’une table ronde]

14h.00 Welcome/Accueil des Participants

14h.15 Debra Kelly, Professor of French and Francophone Studies, University of Westminster, London: British Parisians and the London French, Living, Loving and Lingering in the Neighbour’s City: Overview and Contexts

14h.30 Diana Cooper-Richet, Chercheur au Centre d'Histoire Culturelle des Sociétés Contemporaines, Université de Versailles Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines : Des Anglais à l’origine de la Haute-Couture

15h.00 Denis Saillard, Chercheur associé au Centre d'Histoire Culturelle des Sociétés Contemporaines, UVSQ : Chefs britanniques à Paris et français à Londres : cuisine fusion ou hybridation culturelle ?

15h.30 Pause-café

16h.00 Martyn Cornick, Professor of French History, University of Birmingham, The Beginnings of the Free French in London: Mobilising for Resistance

16h.30 Debra Kelly, University of Westminster, ‘Fishes with Funny French Names’: French Food Experiences in London from the 19th century to the Present Day

17h.00 Saskia Huc-Hepher, Senior Lecturer in French, University of Westminster, "On pourrait devenir londonien sans s’en rendre compte" : Habitus and The Affective Creep of Settlement

17h.30 Bilan et Pause, suivis d’une Table Ronde avec tous nos intervenants; et parmi nos invités-témoins : Madeleine Renouard, Emeritus Reader, Birkbeck College University of London and London resident since the 1970s ; Alison Culliford, writer and journalist long-established in Paris

18.45-19.30 Vin d’honneur offert par la University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture