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[AAC] The Foreign-Language Press: Globalization, Dissemination, and Cultural Dialogues

7th International TRANSFOPRESS Encounter Valparaíso, Chile, 5-7 October 2020. Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Facultad de Artes Liberales In Collaboration with College of Wooster, Ohio, USA Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

le 18 décembre 2019

The deadline for submissions is: 30 January 2020. Decisions will be announced by 1 March 2020.

The Foreign-Language Press: Globalization, Dissemination, and Cultural Dialogues

The foreign-language press--defined as newspapers and other periodicals printed in languages distinct from the official language(s) of the country where they are published--is an extremely varied, complex phenomenon. While often underestimated because they are perceived as marginal, foreign-language periodicals actually account for a substantial portion of the print output of most countries, in both historical and contemporary contexts, and are, therefore, a very important phenomenon. Among other functions, the foreign-language press can serve as an alternative way to circulate ideas and practices both in the country where they are printed and transnationally.

The aim of the seventh international meeting of the Transfopress network (http://transfopresschcsc.wixsite.com/transfopress) is to develop a transnational understanding of the role played by the foreign-language press around the world in the early stages of globalization, from the nineteenth century through the present. In dialogue with European commemorations the 500th anniversary of the Magellan expedition, the conference will focus on global networks, transnational exchange, and the circulation of ideas through the foreign- language press. With these themes as a framework, we welcome proposals on related topics, including but not limited to:

- Transoceanic circulation of goods and ideas
- Migration and movement of people/goods in the periodical press
- Maritime identities (personal, local, civic)
- Imagining America in the periodical press
- The local and the global in the periodical press
- Cultural transfer and cultural translation through the foreign-language press
 - Literature, readership and cultural appropriation
- Political ideas: dissemination, exchange and dissent
- National identity and nationalism in the periodical press
- Journalists and their transnational networks
- Contact, exchange, and conflict between national and foreign periodicals
- Newspapers and cultural brokers
- Circulation of journalistic models
- Genre, gender, and border crossings in the periodical press
- Language communities and foreign-press readership
- The English-language press in Latin America and Europe: collaboration, comparison, exchange
- Mercantile, shipping, and business press and the circulation of business models
- Port cities as contact zones
- Maritime exchange and journalistic exchange

The conference will include at least one session, and a related exhibition, focused on the issues surrounding the preservation of and access to the foreign-language press archive. The goal of this conference theme is to provide opportunities to reflect on the current state of foreign-language newspaper digitization efforts worldwide, and to exchange information and create links between scholars working on these issues from different areas of expertise, in order to develop networks aimed at creating new databases and increasing access to archives. Therefore, we also welcome proposals on digital humanities, cultural heritage, and public access topics, including but not limited to the following:

- Archives and collections: how foreign-language newspapers are catalogued, stored, digitized and shared online, etc.
- Big data: connecting siloed archives to global databases.
- Data analytics and visualizations.
- Close reading and distant reading in dialogue.
- Preserving cultural heritage of periodical press through digital tools
- Going global through the digital archive
- Transnational collaborative digital projects

The languages of the conference are Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French.

Please send a 300-500 words proposal, including 5 keywords, 3-5 bibliographic references and a brief biography (1 page max) to the following email addresses:

The deadline for submissions is: 30 January 2020. Decisions will be announced by 1 March 2020.

Registration fee:
-50 Euros
-30 Euros for students

Organizing Committee:
Michelle Prain Brice, Jennifer Hayward, Verónica Ramírez.